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    Food saver question

    We used ours for a few months and really found it very frustrating. The price of the bags sent us to Wal-Mart to use their brand. These worked just fine but like others on this thread the whole process is cumbersome and so we really do not use the Food Saver any longer.
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    Do you like to mix your own tea?

    I am experimenting in mixing my own tea blend. As I enjoy both black and green tea I am developing two different teas. One has Lapsing Sarong as the base with a lemon element added. The other is actually probably more of an herbal tea as it starts with dried chamomile and then includes...
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    Favorite Herbal Tea

    My favorite herbal tea is fruit zinger. I believe Tetley makes it. It has lots of fruit flavor and gives you a great pick me up in the morning.
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    Preserving fresh eggs in the shell

    I cannot be much help except to say that before we had eggs shipped refrigerated people kept eggs in the larder or pantry for about a week to 10 days. Now we cannot do this as we get the eggs refrigerated and this process destroys the enzymes that keep the fresh eggs in good condition.
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    Does anyone know what Peggle wine is?

    My Grandmother came from England and she always used to tell me about her mother's great Peggle Wine. Unfortunately, she died when I was a child and so did my mother so I could ask what "Peggles" were. Does anyone here have any idea?
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    What to do with old vinyl records.

    What a wonderful idea! This is something I have never heard of and I too am old enough to remember 78's, although they were my mothers. I might just give t try.
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    Ascorbic Acid Solution to Prevent Discoloration

    I had not thought of using vitamin C tablets. We always use lemon juice on our fruit to keep it from discoloring. It sounds like others use my method too.
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    sausage and bacon in the news

    It does seem like every week or two the so-called experts come out with some new warning. People have been eating bacon for centuries. For many peasants of the last 2 centuries bacon might have been their only meat. It was easy to smoke and it kept well.
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    Low cal soda float

    The low calorie or even no calorie soda is definitely the way to go. I use low fat frozen yogurt. You can even get frozen yogurt without sugar to lower the calories more.
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    Making Soup

    It is that time to start making my soup. I retrieve the turkey bones from the freezer that I saved from Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love making turkey soup with barley, as the whole house smells delicious. Does anyone else make his or her own soup?
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    Cheese Biscuits like at Red Lobster

    I do not have a receipt that makes biscuits like that, but I too love them. I hope someone will reply to this post with a receipt but on the other hand, maybe I do not. I'm back on my diet and those lovely little biscuits are just too tempting.
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    Black-eyed peas for luck

    I can see how you would be torn homecare. I love black-eyed peas but I do not think I would want to eat them every day. Up here in Canada, there are people from so many countries that many traditions are trampled in the rush. I think it is great that you keep these traditions alive.
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    Is there a botulism risk?

    I am mostly a canner not a brewer but I still make very sure that eveything is sterilized in boiling water before and after I use it. I think the fermentation process would exclude botulism but I am not sure.
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    Sweet Iced Tea

    There certain is a great deal of sweet Iced Tea available in Canada. Most restaurants have it on the menu. My nephew always asks for it if we go out for dinner. I enjoy it too especially in the summer. I buy a sweet iced green tea made by Lipton's.
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    Tropical fruit

    I love mangoes raw but I can't stand them dried. I don't know why. Pinapple and Bananas are all the fruits I have tried to dehydrate so far. The turned out wonderful which is surprising as it was my first attempt with my new dehydrator.
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    Lady Gray

    Lady Gray tea is a nice so called "white" tea. It doesn't get nearly a brown as it steeeps as most other black teas. It has a very mild flavor and is lovely as a nighttime tea as it makes me very sleepy.
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    Tea To Soothe A Sore Throat

    I had no idea that mint was a good throat soothing tea. Mostly we use a lemon herbal tea and add honey to it. That makes a very nice soothing drink for someone with a cold. I believe the lemon will also work at reducing a fever if you have one.
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    Freezing bones to make soup later

    Ham bones can be very tasty and so can turkey, beef and lamb bones. I haven't saved the drippings as suggested by naturally. We usually make gravy with the drippings.
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    Candied Cherries

    I haven't actually candied cherries but I've made cherry preserve and also canned cherries for making pies and tarts. I'd also be interested if anyone has a receipt for candying cherries.
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    What kind of tea do they serve in Chinese restaurants?

    In the Chinese restaurants I have been too they serve green tea. I'm not sure of the make though. I have found that a tea called Lady Grey is very similar to the tea they serve but it is a specialty tea and can be expensive.