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    Bottling homemade coffee liqueur

    For years, our family has made coffee liqueur using vodka, instant coffee, vanilla and sugar. We're always just bottled it up - it makes twice the amount of the vodka - and then used it the same day or within a few days for a party. Would this improve by aging it at all?
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    Can store-bought cider be made into hard cider?

    My friend asked me about this and I told him I don't think it can because of it being pasteurized. Doesn't that kill off the ability to ferment or did I tell him the wrong thing? I'm honestly not sure how hard cider is made.
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    Where can you buy small oak barrels?

    I don't want the huge standard ones. I'm hoping you all might have a source for small oak barrels, though, as I would like to try aging in those instead of the stainless steel. The flavor is just so much more mellow, assuming I get it right, that is. ;)
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    Any way to save wine that didn't turn out right?

    I just tested my first batch and I'm not impressed at all. It should be ready to bottle but it's got a rather sour flavor and a real bite. I'm assuming I need to tone down the tannins but is there a way to do that at this stage?
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    Ready to start brewing

    I've made my own wine but hadn't tried beer before. I think I'm ready to give that a shot next. Between my wife and I, we do a lot of what you talk about here. Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible and prepared for anything that comes along.