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    Horrible gas from my dog!

    I have a mixed breed large dog that has started to pass awful gas. It can run you right out of the room! I tried Beano and it worked for a little while. Now it stopped working. Any suggestions? I can't stand it anymore lol.
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    Tired of having to change my passwords all the time.

    It seems I have to change my password every other week on my social site. I get so tired of people hacking into others computers and sending offensive things to everyone on your friend list or email contact list. Is this ever going to stop? There must be something that can be done to stop these...
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    No Tomatoes yet.

    We have a Topsy Turvy tomato plant and it still does not have tomatoes. It does have little flowers and some of the leaves are turning brown. How long does it take for them to grow with this thing? We planted it about 2 months ago.
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    What was the legal age to drink when you were younger?

    I was legally allowed to drink at the age of 18. Of course my friends and I drank before that. My youngest brother would always miss the age every time they changed it. By the time he was 18 the age changed to 19. Then it changed to 21. Poor guy, he couldn't drink legal until 21 the 3 of us...
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    Stores that offer wine tasting

    We have a liquor store near us that has wine tasting quite a lot. I love to try the different wines they have. Does anyone ever see this in your town? Do you try the wine?
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    Busch Gardens Brewery

    Has anyone ever gone to the Brewery at Busch Gardens? They don`t let you tour anymore but they used too many years ago. I went through there quite a few times. It was pretty cool to see. They do still have the beer you can buy on tap. They limit you to 3 I think. It`s been a long time since I...
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    Don`t drink and drive

    A lot of people love to make their own brew but remember no drinking and driving. I lost a niece last year to a drunk driver. She was only 22.
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    How strong is the wine you make?

    My dad always made wine every year. His wine could knock you off your feet lol. I have never really paid attention to him while he made his wine. He died in 1987 so I won`t be able to now. How did he get his wine so strong?
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    Can you make your own Whiskey? I have never known anyone that did. I`m just wondering because that`s what my husband drinks. Maybe it would be cheaper if he could make his own . I think that would be illegal though.
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    Have you ever been to a wine tasting?

    Our local ABC Liquor store often has a wine tasting. I love it. They only give you a tiny cup but I like to try the different ones they have. Then it`s easier for me to pick out a good wine to buy.
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    Hello all

    Hi there everyone. I am a wine drinker. My dad made wine every year until he died. It was potent stuff too. I`m looking forward to seeing how others make wine.