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    Making sculptures

    Soap stone is in plenty around the place I stay in so I was wondering which is the best way to learn how to make sculptures? I have seen this as a good work-at-home opportunity..
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    Home-made soda

    I never knew such a thing existed but is it really easy to make soda at home and come up with a real good outcome? I am seeking to hear from people who have been there and done that.
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    Leaving the refrigerator door open

    I have young siblings that love to play around a lot and just yesterday, they left the fridge door open. I had perishables in there but having stayed the whole night the same way, could they have gone bad?
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    Any chess lovers in here?

    I used to love outdoor games but I have a really tight schedule nowadays that I have opted to go with chess. Every time I get home, I have to sharpen my mind with a few moves on my PC.
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    Taking care of kegging equipment

    Most people love the benefits that come with kegging which include but are not limited to having some sort of convenience as well as that you can probably adjust carbonation levels to your liking. Does anyone have any way to better care for the equipment?
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    Can coffee cure anxiety?

    I can get really anxious at times, to the point of sweating profusely. I particularly do not like the idea of being ambushed to do something. I was just wondering if drinking coffee could perhaps help me overcome this?
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    Health benefits of coffee

    I read somewhere that coffee drinkers are: 1. Less likely to have Type 2 diabetes 2. Have fewer cases of certain types of cancers. I was just wondering if this has to do with the drinking habits because too much coffee can be harmful too.
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    Best temperature to refrigerate

    I have a couple of fruits in my refrigerator but I was wondering which is the best temperature to refrigerate at. I am almost thinking blending then preserving them in their juice form would be a better idea.
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    Do you enjoy canned food?

    Perhaps it is just me but do you enjoy canned food? I find them to have some sort of artificial taste but I am just wondering, do they have health benefits?
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    Preparing yeast and yeast starters

    I was with a friend the other day, and she has a bit of experience in the brewing industry. She seemed to talk about the different kinds of yeast and yeast starters; talk of dry and liquid yeast. How are these normally prepared?
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    Wine making recipes

    My friend has a whole orchard full of grapes but the irony is that he supplies some wine making company. I tried selling the idea of making wine at home and all he wanted to know are the different wine recipes available. I have a feeling he would fetch more if he engaged himself directly.