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    Cake Pops

    I've never made cake pops before but I had one once from Starbucks. I can see doing them for a party if you like to decorate them but I think I'll stick with cupcakes or something that will fill people up quickly.
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    Wish I Had A Fireplace

    I had a fireplace in my old house but not in my apartment. It really stinks because it gets so cold here sometimes. I love the sound of a fireplace too. It's so peaceful and reminds me of the holidays.
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    I'm not a big fan of eggnog but I will try it once a year for the holidays. I have only had it with alcohol once - eggnog and brandy mixed together. It made me sick though.
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    Cake Frosting

    Do you make your own cake frosting? I don't but I love the really thick frosting you can get from the grocery store. They have amazing frosting. Is there a way to make that at home? I tried once but it was too thin.
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    Nail Biting

    I always keep my nails clipped too short to really chew on. I also keep them painted so that I feel guilty if I am going to bite them. I never tried making them taste bad but I hear that works for many people.
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    Why I love IHOP

    I love IHOP. I was just there right before Halloween and had some pumpkin pancakes. They tasted great and I didn't even use syrup on the, just butter. I hear they have a lot of flavors coming out for the holidays so guess who is going back a couple times this month? This girl.
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    White Zinfandel

    Knert, I like plum wines too. There are a few that I've liked but I do agree with you that sometimes they are a bit too bitter. Sometimes they can be too sweet too though.
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    Homemade Donuts

    My grandma always made donuts for us when we were younger. Her donuts were biscuit dough fried in oil and covered in sugar. They are so good and I still make them today. Does anybody else make donuts at home? How do you make them?
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    Racking up on Candy

    We have always had buckets of candy after Halloween. I remember as a kid having pillowcases full of it. Mom made us keep it on top of the refrigerator "for safe keeping" but we all know now she just wanted to steal some whenever she wanted.
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    We don't can our salsa or have a recipe but we make it a lot. We pretty much just combine whatever we happen to have. We usually chop up tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and jalapenos (very small). Occasionally I do add garlic too. The great thing about salsa is that you can be pretty open with...
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    Cinnamon Buns

    I've never had homemade cinnamon buns but I imagine they would be fantastic. I usually have to buy them from the grocery store and sometimes they are already hard by the time I pick them up.
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    White Zinfandel

    People laugh at me for drinking it, but I actually like White Zin. It is extremely fruity, almost like punch, but there are some days I just want to sit and watch TV with a glass of it.
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    King Cake

    If you Google (or Wikipedia) King Cake you can see a picture and description that is probably more accurate than my description. I think that it is similar to a cinnamon roll cake. It has icing and a lot of sprinkles to make it look different colors (usually Mardi Gras type colors).
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    Racking up on Candy

    I stayed home and didn't get a single trick or treater. Can you believe that? I had a whole bag ready to go. More candy for me I guess. I decided that I would go stock up on Halloween candy for sale at the grocery store.
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    Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

    Does anybody know how to make peanut butter cups at home? I would really like to learn because I am a huge fan of them. I think it would be nice to make them with milk chocolate and most of the recipes I see are for dark chocolate.
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    Halloween Costume Crafts

    My partner surprised me yesterday by bringing home a pumpkin so guess what we are going to be doing tonight? It kind of cheered me up because I was feeling a bit down about not having anything Halloween related to do this year.
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    Food "outlet" stores

    I think it is pretty much the same as a discount store. They are alright but I know what you mean about the name sounding really strange. "The Cheese Outlet" store does have a gross ring to it. I don't think I would be stopping there anytime soon.
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    Keeping Extra Coffee Fresh?

    I have heard that keeping it in the refrigerator after it is opened keeps it fresh but I really don't know how well that works. I agree with Belinda that if you don't open it yet, there shouldn't be a problem.
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    Pumpkin Alcohol

    I think that Blue Moon is the one that my friend was mentioning. I am curious so I might try it. I am sort of obsessed with trying all things pumpkin related in the fall. I will have to see if the grocery store here has singles.
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    Halloween Costume Crafts

    Jackson, that's interesting. I never heard of painting pumpkins black. I am curious about what kind of effect that would have. I haven't even carved pumpkins this year. I am just going to be passing out candy and watching horror films.