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    Homemade Apple Cider

    The recipe on the page is a good straight forward one. It is basicaly how i brew my cider. I use 5-10 gallons of fresh pressed apple cider, 2 lb of dark brown sugar, 1-2 packs of Red Star champange yeast. I will do a primary fermentation and a secondary fermentation and in the secondary...
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    What exactly is Cider?

    if you just press the apples, then you have cider.. you can do this pears, peaches, ect. Cider is the basically the unfiltered apple juice. If you filter the apple cider and remove all the sediments you have apple juice. If you take the apple cider or other ciders and ferment them then you...
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    Time of Year

    i like to brew this time of year.. the fall.. its cool ... just feels like a great time to brew..
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    Mead Newbee

    meade takes almost 12 months before its fully done.. 9 months if you dont mind a thick feel to the wine(meade).
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    Can store-bought cider be made into hard cider?

    This past year the local orchard that i buy my un-pasteurized cider had a blight. no good.. so i went to my local grocery and bought pasteurized cider.. it had less than .1% potassium sorbate and it worked beautifuly. Actualy i think this batched was my best ever. So dont fear pasteurized...
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    Mullberry wine

    ok i have 4 mullberry trees.. i have picked about 3lbs so far.. i will get probably another 3 or 4 lbs before the end of the weekend.. any tips on making a mullberry wine.. ?? thanks. t.
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    clarifying mead

    No it does not change the flavor or give any funny after tastes. Just make sure when you use it you use an emirsion blender.. blend it really good in the water solution before adding it to the mead.. and once added to the mead use the blender to blend it into the mead.. i did it for 45...
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    Alcohol Content

    I normally like to try for around 7%. I find that its a good strong beer but the alcohol does not overwhelm the beer and flavor for whatever i am going for.. As far as sugars. First I use what ever malts to achieve a good base around 5-6% and then i find honey when added between 1-3 lbs...
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    Mead Newbee

    lol... in some of my earlier postings i said the same thing about the snot ball. i would xfr to a new carboy but do not check it or try and clear is for a few more months depending on how much honey you used. i used 15 lbs. it did not seem to loose that funny taste or feel till about the...
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    Cider only for Colder months?

    You can drink cider anytime of the year.. there are many good really crisp ciders out there..
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    MEAD some help (lol im punny)

    if you read my post Beer Noob.. i kept some what of a running post on the feel of the mead durning the process. it will never quite have the feel of beer.. with the honey and yeast in suspension it has more of a syrupy or gloppy feel when it is fermenting..(not to say once it gets higher in...
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    Mead Newbee

    Well it has been 2 weeks since i put in the benonite and the potas. sorbate.. the mead seems nice and clear for the most part.. i am going to try and sweeten it today.. Adding 1lb of honey back in.. just hoping the Potas. Sorbate did its job.. lol
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    Waiting for Fermentation

    the fermentation should normally start in 24 hrs.. although i have had it take a little longer depending on the temp of the wart and what i was brewing.. also the time frame for the fermentation to complete also is dependent on your sp and what you are brewing. good luck..
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    Mead Newbee

    well it's been 7 mnths. the spec grav is below 1.000... i put in the soduim pot. and benanite.. hoping in another week nice clear mead ready to be drunk.. not that i haven't been "sampling" to make sure it was finished over the past few weeks.. lol..
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    What next?

    Well at this point you can let it go a few more weeks to get the sg closer to 1.000 if you want or you bottle like beer, put it in gallon containers and drink flat if you like or start freezing batches to make applejack. Its all up to you right now.. At this point in add about 1.5 cups...
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    Mead Newbee

    did another test.. the mead was down to .999... as low as it is going to go.. and it does look as though it will begin to clear a bit... cant wait... time does heal most problems..
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    Any common problems?

    I have made several batches over the past year. I have not ran into any major problems other than the fermentation taking a few days to start.. but it has always turned out great. give it a try and don't listen to the nay-sayers. its fun and tasty. :)
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    How Much Honey in Applejack?

    i have made a few batches of applejack.. i have not used any honey so far. i use a bit of mulling spices to create a warm sweet and spicey taste. per gallon i reduce it to appox. 1/4 of the orginal volume. my hard ciders starts off about 10%.. i estimate my applejack at about 30%.. post how...
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    Mead Newbee

    ok.. i have another question.. sorry about all the wining.. the mead is at 1.0000... its not clear... it has a really good sweet and kind of spicy alcohol taste.. i would not mind serving it all though it still has a slimy feel to the mead.. how do i get it to have the mouth feel...
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    Mead Newbee

    i used a dry yeast... lalvin 1118 champagne yeast. i bloomed the yeast first. i was hoping it would be done by christmas. i am going to sweeten once i clear the mead. i am assuming you use the same methods as you do wine. and i am trying to get the fg as low as possible. t.