Adding things to store bought sauce


I did not have any homemade sauce (spaghetti) today and we made meatballs. I also did not have time to make any sauce. I used Ragu Super Chunky Mushroom sauce and doctored it up. I added a lot of fresh spices. Do you do this in a pinch?


Oh yes! I have cans of pasta sauce on the cupboard so that when I feel like eating pasta but either got no time or lazy to make my own sauce, there is something that I can grab. Like you, I put herbs and spices to give it a tweak.


Since I don't make my own sauce, I do this all the time. Usually I add Italian seasoning or basil at the very least. Occasionally I will throw in some minced garlic or even some chopped mushrooms.


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Spices are great for this, I have even done similar when it comes to store made brands (anything from the deli for example). There are times when you just need a little extra in order to make it perfect for your family.


I like Prego better than Ragu. I usually make my own sauce but if I buy Prego I add spices and mushrooms. Sometimes I will add hamburger too. The one thing that I add a lot of is Parmesan cheese. I use that in my own sauce too.


I agree, it's not just spaghetti sauce that needs doctoring up. I doctor up a lot of items. I like to give things my little something - makes me think they are more homemade!


Definitely; we buy just generic cans of tomato sauce and then add a can of diced tomatoes then my own herbs, spices, veggies, meats, etc to it. I just use it as a base and then go from there.


Absolutely. I especially like adding veggies and not just spices. So I probably would've added onions, peppers, and more mushrooms to that sauce you had to really pump it up in texture and flavor.


I haven't made my own sauces before, but I do doctor up the store bought stuff. My husband is in culinary school and I am very excited that he will be learning to make all kinds of sauces from scratch. :)


I do. My favorite spice or herb would be basil leaves. Another option would be tarragon leaves. They really add the Italian flavor to the store-bought spaghetti sauce.