Ancient wine cellar discovered

Discussion in 'News' started by HelenWheels, Nov 24, 2013.

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  2. Bailey

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    How interesting! I wonder how much it will sell for when it goes on the open market. Even the ancients new the value of good wine. The containers themselves are interesting as well.
  3. HelenWheels

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    Open market? They only have remnants in the jars for which they can test for chemical composition. Something tells me that this will end up being studied for years and the jars will end up in a museum.
  4. clarkdart

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    Archeologists always surprise me, it does not mater what they find I just love when they find stuff. We learn so much from things of our past and it proves (or disproves) many common things. I guess I am just a history nerd.
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  5. HelenWheels

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  6. It always interesting to learn the history of things. Isn't it amazing that wine making has been around for that long? I wonder what they will learn about the ancients from this discovery?

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