What type of appetizers do you prefer with your wine? I drink White Zinfandel and usually eat strawberries as an appetizer with it. Sometimes I like to have it with my meal as well; especially if we are eating chicken!


I love pepperoni/cheese and crackers with any wine. I also love chocolate covered strawberries or really any fondue with wine too. I don't drink wine with my meal, usually after.


Like melli, we also usually go for crackers and cheese. Sometimes, we have salami. I once went to a dinner and the host served goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto. It was a delight!


I make a sausage and feta apetizer. I cook the spicy sausage till its done then mix it with cream cheese ,feta,and drained spinach. I spread it over puff pastry about 1/2 inch thick then cover with another sheet of pastery. I start by cutting into thirds then each third into 1/4 s and the each 1/4 into triangle. It makes a bunch of little apetisers for a party. I brush with an egg wash and then bake at 425 about 12 minutes. They are fabulous.
You can never go wrong with the classic cheese and crackers! Just make sure both your cheese and crackers are quality and that you provide variety. It's important to go light when it comes to your appetizers so that you don't overshadow the wine!


Cheese and crackers are always on my list when considering appetizers to go with wine. At one party I attended, they served bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches. The guests loved it!


I like to go with a traditional antipasto platter. Chardonnay is my wine of choice and the flavors pair well with strong cheeses like asiago and provelone. It goes well with sundried tomatoes, pepperoncini, and artichokes too.


I'm drooling over the goat cheese and prosciutto; that sounds yummy!

We usually stick with cheese, crackers, and grapes. It's simple and doesn't overwhelm the palate.