Are using kits cheating?


You're still making it yourself, but do you see using a kit as cheating? Or is it just a way to get started, set up, and set you off on your merry way with making more after you run out of some from the kit?


Is making a cake from a box cheating?
If you have no experience and no one to show you the way, the kit is a great way to begin. I know people that are still brewing from kits for the last 15 years and others that started with all grain on their first brew. Both have won gold medals for their brews.


I wouldn't think so. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to have to do that for my upcoming cake pops project. I see no reason why you should not. And also I notice that whenever I go to a Michael's or a Hobby Lobby, the kits are usually the ones that are the cheapest and most discounted things in the store.


No, I don't think kits are cheating at all. They certainly help out newbies like me until we get more comfortable with the process, and they are more convenient in general.
honestly ive put on some mead in a kind of cheat mini kit kind of way i think its good to have everything you need in one kit at first to get the hang of it.


I often start a cake recipee using a box mix and then adding my own flare. I am sure you can start with a kit and then try adding your own flare to it as you get comfortable with it.


No. Especially not for something hard like brewing or making your own soda. I think Kits are a great way to learn and master your craft.
Don't be afraid to try something new.


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I don't think using the kits is cheating at all. I think they are a great way to introduce yourself to the process, and everything you need is at your fingertips.


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I don't think kits are cheating, they are a way of getting a much bigger variety of flavours if you can't get hold of the grapes or fruits you want to make wine out of, and they work just as well!
I made a banana flavoured wine not long ago and it tasted great! I do find though with the kits I've used you don't get the strength of wine you can make from scratch.
Then again that may be just down to the particular kit I was using, and the brand of yeast I use for from-scratch wine.
In case you're curious, I was using a store made kit in a brown bag bought from my local brew shop.


I loved that! Is making a cake from a box cheating. My thoughts exactly! No it's not cheating. You are still making it. You aren't buying it already made - final product! Its also a good way to start - using a kit.