Are you eating out of the garden yet?


Not yet! Actually, we didn't even have one this year so it'd be impossible, but we usually get a ton from friends of the family who always have surplus. They're not even starting to get the first sets yet, though. Soon!
I started eating out of the garden finally! I had some of the great peas which are good in Stir Fries. The tomatoes are starting to come in and so are my peppers. Now I am waiting on the corn to catch up to everything else!


We still don't have much ready, but when they ripen I am going to have a TON of squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers all ready at the same time. Time to break out the canning supplies!


We finally picked some blueberries this past week and had a grand breakfast of blueberry pancakes. I'd like to say we harvested lettuce, but with the rabbit population around here, I've not been brave enough to put those in. We're looking forward to tomatoes before long.


My garden is not doing good. My lawn guy cut down my plants so I had to replant them, now they are looking sad. I didn't get as many plants in the ground as I wanted to. Maybe next year hopefully will be better.


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Yes, I just had some lettuce from the garden yesterday along with some peas! These were so sweet it was amazing. The only place I find quality that good is the farmers market, but I like my prices a lot better! Also, we have done pickles, eaten just regular cucumbers, okra, peas, fried some green tomatoes and some peppers. Going to pull the Seminole pumpkins Friday or Saturday. Will be pulling a watermelon for Sunday. I usually pick on Sundays. Then there is the strawberries and blueberries, but I do not consider them part of the garden.


Our garden is actually just a small one, but we're able to put up some tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and zucchini. We have picked some zucchinis and had them grilled during one of our cook outs.
I had harvested a couple of squash and carrots from my garden. I also harvested 1 bean from my bean pole, and 2 okra from my slow growing okra plant. I collected a ton of marigold flowers as well. I try to think of each year I garden as a learning experience.


We have tomatoes and squash. It looks like we will soon have okra too. My attempts at pumpkin growing, however, have failed once again. I think it just gets too hot where I plant them every year.


We finally got some Collards and Chili peppers to grow. The Collards were so good and very tender. The plant kept sprouting new leaves as we took off the bottom ones. The Peppers are hanging up drying so we have not tried those yet. My husband bought some raw peanuts yesterday so he can boil them and use his peppers.
I found some cayenne peppers in my garden this morning. I also have some baby bell peppers popping up. I planted a new garden for the fall, and my pumpkin and chards are growing nicely. But, of course, no fruit yet from those latter two.


So far we've gotten one cayenne pepper. We have a couple tomatoes that should be ready in a day or so and some bell peppers that are just about there. It seems to be taking a long time to see results this year.
I live in zone 7, I think things are taking a long time because of the heat. Actually, I lost a lot of plants, like my squash and corn, because of the heat. On the plus side, I think we may have a long summer so we have plenty of time to harvest the fruits of our labor
I keep seeing holes in my back garden,
and there is a deep hole under a fence. So now there is all sorts of stuff missing, squashed,
and eaten. I hope its just a possum, but it could be something worse :(
Probably a woodchuck .. li'l poops will clean out a garden in a rather short time ... :(