Ask the Experts: Advice on Filtering for Homebrewing


Charlie Mops wannabe
Staff member
I’m considering purchasing some kind of filter system for my beer. What type of filter should I use, and how is filtering best done?
Often you can achieve mature, clear beer without filtering if you have the time available to let natural processes work. However, in a commercial environment, brewers frequently filter the beer to reduce the time needed for their beer to clear so they can get it to market more quickly, as time is money. They also want to remove the yeast from the beer before bottling to avoid shelf-stability issues.
At a homebrew level, filtering is best done between two kegs. Most homebrewing filters are inline filters you set in the transfer line between the two kegs. The beer is forced using CO2 pressure from the source keg through the filter and into a clean destination keg. You can filter a 5-gallon (19 l) keg in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, which is a quick way to get your beer cleared.

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