Badass Beer


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I like different kinds of music and all but I don't want my favorite singers coming out with their own brand of beverage. Has anyone tried Kid Rock's Badass Beer? I mean just the name doesn't sound appealing to me and I LIKE Kid Rock.


They're just branching out. You'd probably be amazed at some of the celebs that have come out with their own wines. I am a fan of Jimmy Buffett but I won't drink his beer.


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I know Jimmy Buffet has restaurants too! It's crazy how celebs want to capitalize on everything. I think some of them just need to stick with what they do best. Leave the alcohol making to the professionals. Just because you can doesn't always mean you should.


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We are in the age of needing to do something when you already do something. Anyone seen the maker of Fubu on that weird "invest in my product I need money" show? The name slips my mind but that dude is into all sorts of crazy stuff.


I would totally give Kid Rock's beer a chance. I also really want to try some of Maynard's wine (he's the lead singer from Tool and A Perfect Circle). I think it's neat that these people take the time and money to branch out and try new things.