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Ingredients for 5 gallons:

GRAIN BILL:22lbs total
18 lbs of pale malt
2 lbs crystal 60
1 lb cara pils dextrine malt
1 lb victory malt.
1 0z perle (90 min)
2 oz cascade (60 min)
2 oz cascade (15 min)
3 oz cascade (5 min)
wyeast 1056 american ale
O.G. 1.098
F.G. 1.022
IBU 91.9
SRM 17

mash in at 152 for 60 min. then sparge thru with 170 degree water and
collect 6.5 gals of wort. i usually boil real hard for the first 60
min and end up with just about 5 gals at 90 min. this beer was very
good after only 1 week in the keg and was gone by the begining of the
third week. this is actually my regular IPA recipe doubled to produce
a high gravity IPA.
this beer is an imperial IPA so can be considered a barleywine as