Basket of jelly, jam and homemade breads!


My favorite gift this year was a basket full of homemade goodies. My elderly neighbor made this for me and my family. We ate some of the bread with our Christmas dinner. Anyone else get anything like this?


Yum! My aunt makes all of us homemade jelly! I love it. She is getting older though so she said she might not do it this year. I might pick up where she left off.


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We received a gift basket with canned goods from my sister and her husband. It included some of their homemade black bean and corn salsa. Man was it delicious! The homemade goodies are always my favorite gifts though.
I actually did not get any homemade goods from other people this year. I had the leftovers from my own homemade gifts though. I would love to get a basket of homemade bread and jellies!