BBQ Sauce

Whenever I'm short on stuff, I try to make it from scratch. One time I ran out of barbecue sauce, and I tried making it from scratch. I like my sauce hot, so I added a lot of pepper to it. What would you say is your irreplaceable ingredient in homemade barbecue sauce?
I have a recipe that the whole family loves. I wouldn't think of making this sauce unless I had all the ingredients on hand. However, if I were making a quick sauce, I would say my irreplaceable ingredients would be catsup and vinegar. Sounds about right.
I totally forgot about vinegar. I have a love hate relationship with it. I don't care to much for how bitter it makes my sauce taste. I have been intrigued about using brown sugar, however.


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My mom used to make it with catsup, mustard and brown sugar. When I was a kid, it was the greatest thing in the world, but not so much now! I use her 'recipe' as a base and build up on it, usually adding a little vinegar and what ever spices sound good. The family favorite is chipotle.