Beer Festival


My hometown is having a home brew beer festival next weekend. I must admit I am in shock as we are staunchly grounded in the bible belt and there is a fight everytime a resturant opens that wants to sell beer. I wish I had known about it earlier because tickets now are $50 a person and the festival is only 3 hours long. Maybe next year I'll be ready with my own entry!


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We just had a random festival come through our town back in March for both Irish and Scottish alike, you could not imagine how many DUI's were reported in the local papers then. I would love to see a beer one though, these were just general ones I guess.


Well, Jesus did turn water into wine--or so I am told. So it doesn't seem to me that he had a blanket policy against the occassional tipple ;)


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$50 for a three hour festival sounds quite pricey! Are they serving food too or something? I'd be interested in going to an event like that, but not at 50 bucks a pop. You should start working now on your concoction to enter next year :)


We just may do that! Yes, they did have food too and the beer festival was kind of a prelude to a concert they had that evening. They did have commercial and home brewed beers alike. One of our good friends who is helping us get set up with our brewing won first place for his homebrewed beer.


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We have a yearly German festival here. It is fantastic, the festival brings in so many people and really helps to boost the local economy. So there could be a lot of reasons they are trying that type of festival.


I miss pouring at the festivals. Our state liquor laws have prevented our local clubs from pouring at these events since 2008.:mad: We're now getting together with our state brewers guild to try and change the current legislation.