Beers that Give Headaches?

Discussion in 'Commercial Talk' started by Blue, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Blue

    Blue New Member

    Some people say that some beers give them bad headaches. I, for one, don't like Budweiser because I get a splitting headache whenever I drink a can or a bottle. I found out that Bud uses a lot of rice and that some people have a bad reaction to high level sulfites in beers made with rice.

    Are there beers that you avoid?
  2. porker

    porker New Member

    I think it's the chemicals that are used in commercial alcohol production that affect some people. I never get a headache or a hangover when I'm drinking home brew but I know that when I drink red wine bought from a store it makes me ill!
  3. Brandy

    Brandy New Member

    I have not heard about headaches and beer with high sulfate levels. It makes sense because I know there are some people who can only drink organic wines due to the sulfates used as preservatives.
  4. wild

    wild Moderator

    Homebrew is rarely filtered which leaves all of the wonderful goodies that yeast has to offer such as many of the vitamin B's. Alcohol has a way of purging those B's from your system which may result in a headache.
  5. brewsky

    brewsky New Member

    Budweiser doesn't have that effect on me, but Bud Light does. In fact, it seems like almost all of the "Light" beers I've tried left me with a headache. I don't know why this is, but I've heard other people say the same thing, too.
  6. chris

    chris New Member

    I find a lot of domestic beer gives me a headache, even if I only have a bottle or two. But for me, Coors Light is the absolute worse. So I generally drink wine which rarely bothers me, unless of course I overindulge.
  7. brewgal

    brewgal Member

    For me Budweiser is a headache beer. I can drink Bud light until the cows come home with no problem, but one Budweiser will give me a headache every time. Some draft beers do this for me as well.
  8. brewingbeauty

    brewingbeauty Member

    I don't see how the beer itself could give you a headache. Perhaps it is the dehydrating effect of alcohol in general, or drinking it when stressed, that is the real culprit.
  9. WooWoo

    WooWoo Member

    Yup, Bud gives me a headache too. Oddly enough, I used to drink a lot of regular Bud and I was fine with it, but Bud Light would give me a rip roaring headache. I switched to Michelob several years ago and now I can't touch a Bud at all, regular or light.
  10. Ubur3

    Ubur3 Member

    Any beer if I drink too many gives me a headache :). Seriously though I have not found any that do if I only have a couple. I don't switch beer brands often though. Interesting that Bud uses more rice than other brands.
  11. BeerPong

    BeerPong Member

    The crappier the beer the more likely you are for having this happen. Bud isn't exactly going to be using the best ingredients on Earth. They are going to use stuff that is best for mass should stick with microbrews and even just higher priced/quality brews in general. If a 12 pack costs less than $10 or so dollars than definitely skip it.
  12. wild

    wild Moderator

    I don't fully agree with you there BeerPong. Just because something is more expensive, doesn't mean that it's better. A perfect example would be my ex-wife. :D
  13. BeerPong

    BeerPong Member

    In the beer world it does. You can buy Bud Light for $10 or a six pack of microbrews for around $12+
  14. Rodikenley

    Rodikenley New Member

    Yeah, Corona Extra and Corona Light I, now: won't be getting; makes ya feel like you got the Cold and sometimes: Flu, so one needs C w/bioflavonoids and Milk Thistle with them. I REALLY can't stand the headache and 'dirty mouth' feel of Miller High Life either. I took Milk Thistle for that, too as I woke up.

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