Blackberry Wine?


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I came across a recipe/instructions for making Blackberry wine and wanted to see if anyone here had ever tried making wine with blackberries. If so, how did it turn out? My only concern is that when I see berry wines in the store they look like cheap wines that I wouldn't even consider to be wine.


I haven't tried making blackberry wine myself but I've had some good quality wine: much better than something like Arbor Mist. I think you should try your recipe out and then come back and tell us how it turned out.


A friend of mine just brought me some homemade blackberry wine that is absolutely wonderful. Her son made it and I am currently on his calendar to find out how to make it myself. It's sippin' wine. very, very good.


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I've made a few blackberry wines. The first ones were with canned fruit and didn't trip my trigger. I tasted the must and found a little metallic taste. The finished wine was ok after back sweetening with honey but Manischewitz was still better and at $4 a bottle a little embarrassing. From fresh berries is the only way I'll make any more.


Mmmm that actually sounds very good. When I first saw the title of this thread I thought about the 90s version of IZZE that used to be very popular called: Clearly Canadian. They had a blackberry flavor that was just from the Gods. Well at least thats what my little 10 year old mind thought.