Bottling Mishaps

Discussion in 'Bottling/Kegging' started by BrewJen, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. BrewJen

    BrewJen Member

    Have you ever had any problems during the bottling stage? What happened? I've overflowed bottles now and again, but fortunately haven't lost too much of any batch.
  2. wild

    wild Moderator

    When I've bottled, I'd fill them on the open dishwasher door. That way if I overfilled, the mess would stay on the door until I closed it. It also works well if you're using the dishwasher to dry/sanitize the bottles before hand.
  3. BrewJen

    BrewJen Member

    That's brilliant, wild. I never thought of using my dishwasher door to catch spills.

    Speaking of the dishwasher, are your bottles actually dry when the cycle finishes? Mine still are a little wet on the inside even after using heated dry.
  4. wild

    wild Moderator

    Mine too. Just crack the door while they cool.
  5. BrewJen

    BrewJen Member

    I will start doing that. Thank you for the tip; it's been driving me crazy, with the bottles and just with regular dishes. My husband often wipes down dishes but you can’t do that with the bottles.
  6. oldieg

    oldieg Member

    That is really smart. I am going to save myself a lot of clean up now. I never thought about using the dishwasher. I have had a few bottles crack before when I was trying to pour hot liquid into them.

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