Brewing on the go - Just add water


Sounds like something the "Preppers" can add to their MRE stash.
I wonder what beer styles they'll have in the packages?
The Carbonator looks like a great way to taste your brew before/while bottling.


I actually hadn't thought about it being for preppers. That's a good idea.

I don't know what flavors, though. I'm still having a hard time believing that they taste really good.


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I can imagine these would taste somewhat artificial but I would be tempted to buy these.

They would be fantastic if you went on a long drive holiday (not with you driving of course) and brilliant for camping too if you have limited space.

We tend to keep powdered milk for "emergencies" I imagine these would be used in similar situations.

Does anyone know if they are on sale in the UK?


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Sounds like harassee. There outta be a law, I'm confident this isnt what God was thinking when he created barley.


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I am curious to know what they taste like too. Sounds like it could be good or bad. So nobody here has ever tasted them? I would be willing to try if I ever found them at a great price. Does anyone know how much they are going for? I could see using this at a party for sure to save some cash if they are the right price. Heck once everyone was drunk they wouldn't even notice a difference I bet.