Brewing Whiskey


My brother-in-law wants to start brewing whiskey. I don't really know much about making whiskey so I thought I'd ask on here. Have you brewed whiskey? Do you have a link with instructions?


That's a completely different process from either brewing beer or making wine. You will need to have a still to make hard liquor. There are kits out there, but I think you still have to either buy or make your still. I found instructions for making your own at Instructables, but as I haven't done it, I can't vouch for the results. You'll have to search there, as I can't post a link yet.


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I always wondered why my home brew store Northern Brewer did not carry equipment to distill. Last week it was pointed out to me by a co-worker that in Minnesota home distilling is illegal. Unless you purchase a license that is quite expensive. I guess the state fears of an explosion. I did some research you need a license in most states. Distilling Whiskey sounds like a fun project. I wish you all the best in you endeavour!

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