Brown Sauces?


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When I was in high school I worked at a steak restaurant. The owner/chef was a very nice greek man who did all of his own cooking.

He used to whip up a "brown sauce". It wasn't thick like gravy but much lighter. Sweeter almost, maybe from the wine or whatever else he used in it. I recall that he used to boil it in large pots.

He served it with everything. Poultry and Red Meat dishes.

I would really like to find a recipe for a brown sauce but I don't even know where to begin or if that term is just very general.

Any suggestions?


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I don't know, but I'm in the same boat. We were at a restaurant a few weeks ago. I ordered the specialty of the evening, and it came with the best tasting sauce I have ever had. Now I have no clue what we were served, and I want to go back and get it again. The restaurant services different dishes all the time, is privately owned, and I don't know how to explain what I want.


We have a local Thai restaurant that serves the best brown sauce with their calamari. I would love to know how to make it. I found this website with several recipes for brown sauce. Now I just have to try them all out.
Brown Sauce Recipes


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Thanks for the link. I am going to try a couple of those out when I get a chance. I know had read wine built into the mix which according that page a common addition.