Brushy Mountain Apple Festival


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The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival is located in downtown North Wilkesboro, NC, on October first. I plan on going this year. If you are nearby, you should check out this free festival! It is one of the largest one-day arts and crafts festivals in the Southeast.

The website said the streets are "filled with over 425 arts and crafts, 100 food concessions, 4 different music stages consisting of Blue Grass, Country, Folk, Gospel, and Appalachian Heritage. Cloggers, folk dancers, rope skippers, and square dancers provide additional entertainment venues for festival".

The site also said, "Appalachian Heritage crafts are highlighted such as woodcarving, chair making, soap making, pottery throwing, and quilting."

If you like festivals the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival is one you do not want to miss!


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Oh I love these types of festivals and wish I lived closer so I could go. :( It sounds like a lot of fun but how on earth will you get to see all that in one day?


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The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival sounds like a very eventful and exhausting day. It definitely sounds bigger than any festival I have ever attended. To see everything at the festival, you would have to wake up earlier than a rooster!


I was thinking that same thing Betty. I hope it starts very early in the day and ends late, otherwise I just don't see how you would be able to take it all in. I guess you really need to just zero in on what you would be interested in and concentrate on that so as not to be to overwhelmed. :)


Are they doing this festival again this year? I am going to try to get my wife down to Gatlinburg this year and hopefully take some time to go over the mountain.