Bud and Bud Light


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I do not really like bud and bud light beer but I have always enjoyed their commercials. If I ever decide to try my hand at becoming a commercial brewer I think I would make commercials like them.


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Yeah, the dog sitter commercial during the super bowl was pretty funny. I loved how they were all walking around on two feet serving bud and bug light. It was so cute!


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I liked the good dog bad dog bud light commercial. I do not mind bud or bud light. If it is around I will drink it, but I will not spend my well earned money on it.


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I'm not a beer drinker, more of a ciderman, but if I am having a night on the beer then Budweiser is my chosen beer. The adverts are very funny too, we had one in england about 10 years ago with the frogs (or toads), very funny!