Candy for Valentine's Day?


Since today is Valentine's Day, are you making any candy? What kind of candy would you choose?

I haven't made candy in years but if someone were to make me some, I would enjoy some raspberry truffles.


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We did not make any and the only candy in the house was from the kids with their baggies from school parties. I guess it was one of the few years where we were just not feeling the sweet tooth.


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We usually make chocolate heart shaped lollipops but we skipped it this year. I love truffles too but I am not very good at making them. They taste really good, but they aren't really pretty.


We didn't make any candy on Valentine's Day, at least not hard candy. We did bake some cookies though, but they weren't exactly homemade; they were those break-n-bake cookies you find at the grocery store.


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I haven't made anything like this in years. My mother used to make toffee apples for us for any occasion, and we carried on the tradition while the kids were little. I may have to make some, just for old times sake!