Canning Class


One of the local farms is offering a canning class. I may go, so I can get over my intimidation. Have you ever taken a canning class, and if so, did you think it was worth it?


My mother taught me to preserve fruit when I was much younger. I have never used what I was taught but I do appreciated the knowledge. I have enjoyed what my mother has preserved over the years.


Do it!

I have never been to one. My mom taught me how to can. It's been so long since I've done that, though, that I'd need a refresher and some research anyway. I think you should definitely go to the class if you have the chance, though. You never know what kind of handy tips they may pass on that you wouldn't have discovered on your own elsewhere.


Nope, my mom taught me to can too. I would go though if I were you. Any extra help would be great! I wish they had classes here, I would go. Every little bit you can learn is great!
I never have, but definitely would look into it if I ever had the extra time/money. Watching videos on the 'Net and reading books on the subject matter simply cannot compare to the experience of learning it firsthand, I would imagine!
My canning class was on the knee of my mom. I know this sounds bad, but she taught me everything I know about canning and cooking.


I know this sounds bad, but she taught me everything I know about canning and cooking.
I don't think that's bad at all! In fact, I think it's pretty awesome. A lot of women now don't cook or do as many household things as they did in the past, so less and less is getting passed down. I think it's great that your mom passed on such skills to you. :)


I will check my area and see if there are any canning classes available. This has never occurred to me. Great idea! I'm hoping it will also teach how to preserve food for diabetics.
I wish that there was some sort of class like this in my area. I would definitely take it. Even though she had learned at my grandma's knee, my mom didn't really start canning until after I was out of the house and living on my own. Now we live about 7 hours apart so it's hard for her to share what she knows with me. Canning has always intimidated me so I haven't done it.


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I do wish our local community groups would offer something along these lines. While I have a great deal of success learning things from books or online instructions, it would be great to see what others are doing. I know there's much of value around here.