Canning Kits


My local grocery store sells Mason canning kits, but they're expensive. Are there any websites online that sell these canning kits? I'd like to go ahead and stock up on the canning supplies now, before we start gardening later this year.
I am wondering if it is really cost effective to buy the kits or just buy everything separately. I think those kits have sky high prices because they are selling you convenience by putting what you need to get started in one box.


I started looking out for canning jars and equipment at yard sales and was quite surprised at what I was able to find. I even found lids still in the box that had never been used. People who are older pass away, and the younger generation doesn't know what to do with Grandma's canning pots and jars. I'm happy to pick them up for almost nothing.


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Inspect the lids carefully. They rubber can dry up and crack causing you not to get a good seal.

I bought a lot of my kits online, either through blue bell or amazon when they have had sales. Usually in the fall they put the stuff on sale. Some stores like Big Lots get jars and stuff sometimes, but the savings there is not always that great.


Thanks Jason; I'll check out Blue Bell and Amazon both. We also have a Big Lots here in town, so I'll check them out next time I'm over that way.

Stephanie, you might be right about the kits costing more than if I buy everything separately. If that's the case, I'll just buy everything separately! ;)