Cheese and Apple Pairings


I guess we've already heard a lot about wine and cheese pairings. What about cheese and apple?

I was just reading an article on which types of cheese and apple to serve to best enhance the flavor of cheese. Here are the pairings that were suggested:
Bocconcini and Mutsu
Smoked Gouda and Spartan
Feta and Granny Smith
Cheddar with Fuji


I never thought much about it before. I usually just grab whichever types of cheese and apples that strike my fancy. Thanks for the list though. I will keep it in mind next time I have a cheese and apple tray.


I like apples, red delicious or granny smith, with sharp cheddar and pepper jack cheeses. I know the experts say otherwise but I never got any complaints when I laid out a cheese platter like this.