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Discussion in 'Food perserving' started by shortiedrinker, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. shortiedrinker

    shortiedrinker New Member

    A friend was talking about making and dehydrating cheese chops but I am not sure of a recipe that already does this. I think they were just wondering what could be made that might work for say a healthy snack for kids. Sounds interesting enough I might need to give it a go.
  2. amberwaves

    amberwaves New Member

  3. Knert

    Knert New Member

    Low carb seems to be the way to go now and I know tons of people who are on diet kicks myself included. If its good for me and I am hungry I will try it. It never hurts to try new stuff.
  4. jewel

    jewel New Member

    Looks like a great snack for kids too; a great alternative to a chip. The best part is you know what exactly is in it! I want my kids to have better eating habits than I did.
  5. Paulsey

    Paulsey New Member

    That is a great recipe, it has some other good ones too on that site. I will have to give them a go. I am always looking at new snacks for the kids for school.
  6. amberwaves

    amberwaves New Member

    I'm always looking for new snacks for my son, too. I love cooking new things. You can probably add something like minced spinach bits or other vegetables to make it even more healthier. (I try to sneak in as many vegetables into my son's food as possible!)
  7. lani

    lani New Member

    I think I saw Rachael Ray do that on her cooking show and she added them to the salad dish. All you do is grate the cheese, put a spoonful of them in a parchment paper and place them in the oven to bake.
  8. shortiedrinker

    shortiedrinker New Member

    Yes very similar to that link in fact. I was thinking about it as well but I am looking for more healthy snacks to keep in the house hold. When we have our feasts around every few months or so I feel like I am blowing up like a whale, so exercise has recently been introduced too. :)

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