Cheese From Raw Milk

Discussion in 'Cheese Making' started by BrewJen, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. BrewJen

    BrewJen Member

    I've been drinking raw milk these days and we skim off the cream to use for other things, like making butter. To make cheese, can I use just the cream or do I need to use unskimmed milk?
  2. clarkdart

    clarkdart Active Member

    Wow I have never even had raw milk before but if you can make cheese with it I might be tempted. I have heard of people using the cream off the top before too (tastes naturally sweeter) but I have never heard of cheese.
  3. brewgal

    brewgal Member

    You havnever heard of raw milk cheese? The FDA is making a huge deal about it these days, but I have actually found it at the local grocery store and we are getting a new farmers market that is going to sell nothing but raw milk and raw cheese.
  4. lab22

    lab22 New Member

    My mother-in-law makes cheese from the fresh milk from the farmer, citric acid and rennet. She brings it to a boil and scoops it out to put into molds. She uses all the milk not just the cream. It actually tastes good and is used like mozzarella. It doesn't melt as well as store-bought but the taste is fantastic. She will roll some of them in olive oil and hot pepper flakes to give it a different taste.

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