Chocolate covered cherries


These are my grandma's favorite candy! I would love to give it a shot at making them. I know they are cheap to buy but I like to give homemade gifts. What kind of cherries would you use for these? I would think you would just melt the chocolate wafers and pour it over them right?
It's funny because I myself just came across a recipe for these and thought about making them for Christmas gifts. I have not tried it yet but it sounds tasty any way. I love chocolate covered cherries and they are a holiday tradition in my family.


I've made them before and they aren't hard to make, but you MUST let them set until the maraschino cherries dissolve the homemade fondant. I love them any way I can get them so I may have to start making them for myself. Yum!


That recipe looks pretty delicious since cherries are one of my favorite fruits, but I'd only eat them over the holiday period otherwise my weight would increase dramatically!


I'm actually not a fan of chocolate covered cherries. Every now and then I'll eat one because I'll think I will suddenly like them, but eating them always gives me the shivers. I think they are too sweet.


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These were my favorite growing up but I noticed the older I got the more I only sometimes liked them. I can still remember eating a box at a time but I guess my sweet tooth is leaving me as I get older.


Chocolate-covered cherries are not my favorite thing, but I do have them once in a while. My sister-in-law sometimes makes them, and her recipe is almost the same as this one.


My wife fixes chocolate-covered cherries to have on the Christmas table. She buys cherries with stems on them. They are out of season, but they are still available. She melts chocolate in a double boiler and just dips the cherries and puts them on a plate. They go into the refrigerator and are used on top of vanilla ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream and pound cake. It's a huge family tradition.


I like chocolate covered cherries, but I only like a few and then I am okay until next year. I wonder if I would like the homemade ones any better?