Chocolate Star Wars


Apparently there are Star Wars molds out there because I've seen homemade chocolate formed in X-Wing fighter shapes. I think it's pretty neat, although I don't know how easy it is to work with the molds.


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I have seen some molds like this online before, not for Star Wars but for other movies out there, cartoon characters and "adult themed" cakes too. I guess the latter seem to be a big deal lately for bachelor and a hen parties.


I have seen some images of Star Wars chocolates online, and they were pretty amazing. I think that the attention to detail was impressive. As to Star Wars candy/chocolate molds and even cookie cutters, you can find some on Amazon and eBay.


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There are molds for just about everything these days! I have Scooby Doo molds. If you are doing a solid color, then they aren't really that difficult to work with. The problems come when you start making multicolored candies.