Christmas drink traditions


Do you have any Christmas drink traditions? One of ours is that we always have apple cider on Christmas Eve. My husband and I also have one. We always have Heineken on Christmas Day even if we can only split a six pack. It is a tradition that we started with a friend many years ago that is no longer with us.


Nice! We don't really have any drinking traditions on Christmas. We just drink what people bring to our house. We host two parties so there is always a variety of drinks.
My family used to always have Brandy Alexanders on Christmas Eve. They'd always gives us kids a tiny sip or two--probably to knock us out and get us to bed! My siblings and I haven't carried it on, though. Very happy with eggnog or hot chocolate these days!


I dont' really have any Christmas drink traditions. But now I'm thinking we should start one soon! Hmm, maybe a hot coffee with liqueur or something. Now I'm gonna go scour the internet for something good!


We have a little eggnog and sometimes I'll drink some hot chocolate. I like the idea of giving the kids just a touch of the brandy, though; we wouldn't have been up so late on Christmas Eve otherwise! ;)


I stick with Porters and Stouts during the cold season. If I'm feeling frisky, I'll enjoy a RIS or three.:D