Christmas treats


A tradition I started a few years ago has really caught on in our household. We have a big meal here Christmas eve, with several courses lasting over the course of the evening. It all leads up to exchanging gifts. As a starter, I keep a cooler on the back porch filled with long-necked bottles of old-fashioned soda flavors. The children love drinking those things, and I knew they would. I didn't realize how fond the adults were of them, too. I enjoy watching them choose their flavors.


Our Christmas eve 'program' is pretty much the same. It starts with the dinner followed by handing over the gifts with picture-taking between. Everybody becomes a singer during the karaoke time. :) We are not a soda drinker though. The adults have beer or wine while the kids enjoy their juice.


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I guess for us it depends on who is coming to visit, most of the smaller families have their own treats that they are known for. This year is still a little up the the air until we find out if one family can make the trip or not. I know there will be many candy canes, our kids made sure each cousin would have at least three of their own (last year we ran out).


We usually have a party on Christmas Eve where we play board games, eat finger foods, drink cider, and listen to music. Then we open presents on Christmas morning and eat the Christmas dinner that evening.