Cinnamon Schnapps

During the winter, we like to keep a little cinnamon schnapps around just to keep warm on those cold nights. So far, the favorite is Aftershock. What's your favorite and how do you drink it?


Tobasco? Really? You're lighting up you life Wild aren't you Wild? I hadn't thought of Tobasco in cinnamon schnapps. Has anyone tried pouring it over the Red Hots cinnamon candy. I'll bet that would give it an extra kick too.


Normally I'm not a fan of Tabasco because of the vinegar but it ends up tasting like those little candies.


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I don't like it as much as the spouse does but for some reason I really just do not like the taste of cinnamon that much. I guess it depends on what it is in. Her and a few friends do like it with cocoa though, kind of like this recipe.

8 oz hot chocolate with 1 shot Aftershock Hot & Cool cinnamon schnapps (stick in a coffee mug and go)


Tabasco and Cinnamon? That sounds like a very acquired taste. Like licorice. Or Jack Daniels and orange juice. Personally, I wouldn't like it, but to each their own.


I'm not a fan, but if I do get a taste for cinnamon schnapps, it has to be Aftershock. I'm kinda picky about liqueur most of the time. Some of the stuff I have run across over the years doesn't taste like it's supposed to, or just tastes like alcohol and not the flavor. I might have to try Aftershock with Tabasco just to see what it tastes like.