Cleaning small spaces


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I've tried toothbrushes and even dental floss in cleaning around the edges in these gadgets, but there is often a small black streak of grime that I never can get completely removed. Are there any other tricks to cleaning to make sure all is sparkling clean? It's the same around the fixtures in our sink. Other than take the assembly off, what else can I do?


I know what you mean. I also use an old toothbrush and cotton buds to get to small spaces but, when all else fails, I resort to a small pointed knife with a very thin blade. I cover it with a thin cloth and it usually gets into the smallest spaces.


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You can try using those latex wedge sponges. You can use the point to get in tight spaces. One good thing about them is that you shouldn't have to worry about scratching anything regardless of how much pressure you use. Dollar stores sell these in the health and beauty aids section.
I have the same problem and really like to have the advice that people are providing here. I know my chicken waterer has a space I had to do the same thing with as well.