Coffee Room Cream Stout


Charlie Mops wannabe
Staff member
1 munton and fisonstout kit
1 pound of dry dark spraymalt.
half lb of lactose
a half cup of coffee beans, unground,
2 packets edme ale yeast
boil malt for 15 min (in some water), at the last 5 minutes of the
boil, add a half lb of lactose to the wort. then as the beer is
cooling, which i used a bathtub of cold water to do, put about a half
cup of coffee beans, unground, into the wort and let sit until
pitching the yeast. strain the beans before putting in primary
fermenter and do the regualr process from there. You may want to let
the beer sit in bottles for about a week longer to 2 weeks longer
than usual to allow the coffee flavor and hops mix. Also, the stout
gets more malty as you let it sit and tastes best after a month of
storage when the chocolate malt and the hops blend together to take
off some of the biteenjoy