Commercial Beer Alcohol Tours


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Anyone here ever been on a tour abroad, like the Guinness tour in Dublin, Ireland?

Does the beer taste better than when you buy it in the store? Did you purchase any after the tour?


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Bush Gardens a long time ago had a Busch brewery on site. I've toured that one a few times, and then they just had a hospitably center with free beer until a year or so ago when they shut that down. I've been to their St. Louis brewery for that tour too.

I liked the St. Louis one because they had Bear Claw or whatever it is called. Could never find it in stores, but it was a stout.

I really would like to do Guinness or Bushmills if they do it.


I've been to the Yuengling Brewery in FL. It was pretty awesome and you get two free beers, but I got some extras because I was the only person in the group willing to eat some hops.