Corn Beer 4


Charlie Mops wannabe
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5 lbs cracked corn, sold as bird food
8 lbs light barley malt
1/2 lb Crystal (40L.)
yeast from the bottom of a Saisson Dupont bottle
4 oz whole Hallertau

Mash corn at 110, for an hour, then 140 for another hour. Stir lots,
since its sticky.
Mash malted barley as usual at 110, 148, 140, 160. I used a separate
pot for the 110 1/2 hour protein rest, and then just tossed into the
corn grits.
Mash water was around 26-30 quarts. Sparge to about 6 gallons after
at least 3 hours in the 140-160 range.
Hops to taste, depending on what you're making. The yeast from the
bottom of a Saisson Dupont bottle really does well with the corn
content, but make sure you like that kind of beer first. 4 oz whole
Hallertau for 7 gallons of wort sounds about right, but hey, adjust
to your tastes. wo liters of healthy yeast grown up from a bottle of
van Steenberge Golden Dragon Belgian Strong Ale. Ferment at 75F for
10 days and rack to secondary. Ferment at 65F for 3 more weeks,
closed up in a SS fermenter to naturally carbonate it with a pressure
relief valve set at 25psi. Cold condition at 38F for two months. Rack
to serving keg.
Will yield an SG of about 1.090 and a FG of about 1.016. Enough
alcohol for you??

OG: 1090
FG: 1016

OK, 'corn beer' always gets slammed here, and I had never made any,
So, instead of just going along with the usual hype and chit-chat, I
made a corn beer as follows. It gets rave reviews by brewers I
respect - until I mention corn. ;-).