Crab Apple Jam and Jelly


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My sister-in-law has these crab apple trees in her back yard and every year she picks a half bushel and makes crab apple jam and jelly. This stuff tastes great on pork and chicken or even on a bagel and toast with cream cheese.


I've made crab apple jelly before when I was living in Denver. The tree was part of the landscaping at my place of employment and the apples were going to waste. I picked them up, took them home and enjoyed crab apple jelly all winter long.
Are crab apples any different than regular apples other than being smaller? I had never thought about using them the same way you use apples. I'll bet their tedious to peel.


I have never used crab apples either. They are so small! I can't imagine peeling them. I bet they would be too small for my electric peeler too. I always thought they were a bit too tart to eat too.