Cream Stout


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4 # Dark Malt Extract
3 # Light Malt Extract
1/8 # Roasted Barley
1/8 # Black Patent Malt
1/4 # Chocolate Malt
1 # Crystal Malt (90 lov)
1 # Lactose (Milk Sugar)
1 1/2 oz Northern Brewer Hops (Boiling)
1/2 oz Willamette Hops (Finishing)
1 pkg Wyeast Irish Ale yeast

Steep roasted barley, black patent, chocolate, and crystal malts in 1
1/2 gallons of water while bringing to a boil. Remove grains at boil.
Add dark and light extracts, lactose, and boiling hops and boil for
60 minutes. Add finishing hops at the last 10 minutes of the boil
before racking to primary fermenter. Pitch yeast when cooled below 90
degrees F.
Primary Fermentation: 5 days
Secondary Fermentation: 10-14 days
Add 3/4 cup corn sugar at bottling
Age: about 6-8 weeks