Curry sauce


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How do I make this one from the scratch? I had a spicy Indian chicken curry for lunch and I love how the dish tastes like. Is it possible to make a homemade curry sauce that is not store-bought?


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Your basic spices in curry sauce are curry powder, garlic and ginger. I also like to add turmeric for fun. You can use chicken bullion, butter and/or oil as a base.


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For my chicken curry recipe, I use curry powder, chopped garlic, onion, and ginger. Pretty much the same as what arcadefire listed. I buy the curry powder. I've got no clue about how to make your own curry powder, but here's link that might be of help...It seems like curry powder is a combination of different spices. :)


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Always add some Spicy Chili powder, always gives the sauce a nice little kick, don't over-do it though as it can ruin a sauce. My father does a great curry sauce, and he does this, so it definitely tastes good!