Degree of danger in life-long soda consumption

The longer I drink carbonated soda fountain beverages, the more I worry about having consumed them for decades. I drink way too many. Do others feel they need to change these habits before all these beverages damage their internal organs and processes?


It's a good thing that I have never been really a soda fan. I drink Ginger Ale, Sprite, Root Beer, or Nestea once in a while particularly when I eat at a fast food restaurant. I find soda beverages too sharp and tangy for my taste.


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I have cut down a great bit in the last three years, looking back now I am surprised my mind did not melt from all of the sugar rushes. I have started drinking a good deal of water too and compared to back them I was lucky to drink a glass a week!


I am an addict and really just can't talk myself into giving up soda, even though I know it's not the greatest thing. I use the "Well at least it's not crack" rationalization.