Did you get to can a lot this summer?


Out garden didn't do well this summer so I didn't get to do much canning. Hopefully the next garden will be better. How did you canning go?


We canned, pickled and froze a lot of goodies this year. We had a great garden! What we did not grow I bought at the farmers market. I hope your garden does better next year!


We had a horrible garden this year. We put up what we could but it wasn't like other years. I didn't have an overabundance of anything but we did what we could.
I ended up freezing, drying and pickling most of what came out of my garden. I still have a bunch of tomatoes that I need to throw into the dehydrator. I think that is tomorrows project. My garden was a late bloomer this year so many things didn't get to picking stage before the early frost.