Does anyone know what Peggle wine is?


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My Grandmother came from England and she always used to tell me about her mother's great Peggle Wine. Unfortunately, she died when I was a child and so did my mother so I could ask what "Peggles" were. Does anyone here have any idea?


The only "Peggle" I've heard of is the awesome PopCap PC game. And a Google search for "Peggle wine", ironically, only talks about the game being played in a windows emulator for Linux called WINE.


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I know that "Peggle" is a corruption of a different fruit that is found in East Anglia in England, but I'm afraid I am not sure what the fruit is. It might be gooseberry but I am not sure.


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Peggle wine is wine made from cowslips (a flowering plant). If you search for it in Wikipedia, it comes up under the name primula veris. It was a common homemade wine on England at one time.