Does Refrigerating Yeast Help Them

I have some bread yeast that I plan on keeping for a while because I cannot sell at any of my farmers markets right now. So I am curious if you refrigerate your yeast does this make it last longer or does the cold air start to kill off your yeast?


That is a great question. I would think it would be okay and a help to the yeast if you kept it cool. I'm not an expert though so I would see what everyone else has to say too.


Store bread yeast at room temperature. Active dry yeast can be stored at room temperature for up to four months after being opened, or until the expiration date stamped on the package, whichever comes first.


We actually freeze our bread yeast. It has the potential to last much longer than just a few months and I've never had it negatively impact the yeast beyond simply getting old at some point as you would expect.


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I always keep yeast in the fridge, and it seems to be fine. I think refrigerating just helps keep the yeast going for longer than if you keep it at room temperature. However, I have not noticed any performance difference between the two.


I've always stored yeast at room temperature, although it's good to know people have been able to use the fridge and freezer without ill effect.
At least once a year, I find the yeast packets on sale at such a great price that if I have coupons and use them, the yeast is close to being free. I refrigerate these packets for up to a year. My aunt says they'll keep longer, but I usually don't go longer than a year.


I have always stored my bread machine yeast in the refrigerator. We buy yeast in bulk at the local Amish bulk store and I divide it into baby food jars that we have and then put it in the refrigerator. I've had it for much longer than the expiration date and it's been just fine.