Drying Bananas

Has anyone out there ever tried to dry bananas? Every time I try, they come out tough and chewy. There must be some trick I'm missing. Any advice will be helpful.


I have never tried drying or dehydrating anything yet. I am going to dabble a little into it this fall. I do love dried bananas though. The kids love them too so I hope I can get it right when I try. What are you using to dry them?
I have just been using my dehydrator oldieg. The ones you buy in the store are always so crisp and sweet. I can't help but think they have been treated or dipped in something to help preserve them. Let me know what you find out.


I love them too. You're right, the ones from the store are nice and crisp. I wonder if there is some frying or baking method involved?


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You are just making your chips too thick. For your chips to turn out crisp you will have to slice them really thinly, and bananas take a little longer than some other fruits.


I read somewhere to coat them in Jello powder before drying. That's supposed to make them come out sweeter and crispier. Have any of you ever heard of this or have you had any dried that way?


I have dried a lot of banana chips but I have never heard about coating them in Jello powder. I think they usually turn out sweet enough without adding anything to them.