Easiest cheese to make?


I have never tried making my own cheeses but this is a skill I wouldn't mind having. What do you recommend as the easiest cheese to begin with? I figure it's smarter to try an easy one first and get a 'taste' of success under my belt before attempting anything more complex.
I tried it once using one of those cheese making kits. For me, it turned out to be more trouble than it was worth and the cheese didn't turn out all that great. Talk to someone who has done it and had success. I wish you good luck but I think I'll just buy mine.


I always heard that mozzarella was the easiest to make, but I haven't been brave enough to try it yet. I might this weekend though, it seems like it might be fun for the kids to help with.


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Mozzarella cheese is the easiest, and quickest to make. You can find directions easily online, but I don't know if your kids will be able to help. Some of the stages involve the cheese being pretty hot.


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Our kids really want to try mozzarella but I think if we get into this we might not stop. We actually love most all cheese types in this house and before you know it I might not fit through the door.


My husband is in culinary school and they made mozzarella cheese last week in class. He said it was absolutely delicious and really easy to do. We are going to be making some at home too!


I agree with the others that starting with mozzarella is your best bet. Brewgal, having a husband in culinary school must be pretty neat; I bet he comes home with all sorts of neat ideas.