Easy slippers

I came across a really easy slipper pattern for crochet that doesn't require and sewing. I make slippers for a couple of family members every Christmas. The pattern I have been using is 2 pieces that get sewn together at the end. It was kind of a pain. This is the new pattern. I can work up a pair in a couple of hours.


That is really sweet of you to make slippers for your family members! I wish someone would make me some slippers every year for Christmas. :)


Thanks for the pattern Stephanie. I'm always on the lookout for new things to give for Christmas. I can think of a few right off the bat that would love to have a pair of these. My kids like to run around in their sock feet so maybe I can make them a pair and help save the socks. :)


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You have no idea how many slippers I have purchased over the years. I am going to try and send this to my wife to see if she is up for learning a new hobby. Those look very comfortable!
I have made 4 pairs so far. I have a couple more to go. Clark, they are really easy to make and even if they use basic stitches, so even a new crocheter should be able to do them. The hardest part is the counting because it is worked in a round.


Interesting. They do look very comfy. I bet I could even make them. I will have to dig out my crochet hook and give it a try. I would use soft yarn because that would be the coziest on my feet.